Short interview (print and online) in magazine C of Logeion (professional association for communication) in which was asked to respond to the statement “Smokers a smoking break? Tweeters a social media break!”.

Vakblad C - stelling

When an organisation decides to introduce a ‘social media break’, it will only be of a temporary nature, appropriate for a transitional situation. Social media will be given a full function within the organization and working method of a company, as will increasingly happen in our private lives; often plugged into networks, being part of network streams.

We will more often use our private network for business use, and vice versa. It gives us the opportunity to listen, learn and share, to be in direct & interactive contact with the target/target group as well as with colleagues of the company.

Transparency is inevitable, ensuring individual credibility as well as that of the company. Showing corresponding behaviour in the real and virtual world will be the result. Offline = Online.

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