Diva World Wide’s MD on the consequences of the corona crisis in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where obtaining food and drink is a major problem

Text by: Pascal Engbers, auteur Adformatie

Source: article & video interview / reportage Adformatie Connects International

Dhaka in Bangladesh is one of the busiest cities in the world, if not the busiest. Once described by The Guardian as a dysfunctional city bursting out of its sewers. Geurtjens, living in Dhaka for about a year, describes the never-quiet Asian city as it was before the Covid outbreak and what the situation is like now.

Geurtjens, normally living in Dhaka, reports from Bangkok where he travelled to just before the lockdown of Bangladesh: ‘The Thai capital has access to better care, that was the main reason’. At Diva World Wide, the creative digital production agency, everyone still works from home, while the country is open again: ‘Covid is far from beaten here. There are big problems with food and drink here… And the country seems to remain closed to outsiders for the time being’.

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