When on 12 April 2011 the article “Strategic use of hashtags on Twitter“ is published on Emerce, there appears to be a lot of interest in the strategy of #brand on Twitter (some time later, other social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ also use hashtags).

The article discusses the possibilities of Twitter for brands in more detail. Making your brand stronger online through a clear Twitter strategy: smart use of hashtags and a good Twitter (account) name. This also means reviewing the strategy and communication of a brand, for example with regard to Twitter, and including the #brand.

Because of the number of times the article has been read (now 2.1 million times) it can be concluded that there is a lot of interest in the subject and that professionals are looking for ways, for knowledge to be able to use social media optimally for their organizations.

Read the full article on Emerce (in Dutch).