The article ‘Impact of Big Data: the brand is key’ is included in the book ‘The New Communication Professional’ written by Vera de Witte.

Summary article

Big data has a major impact on the organization. It requires a transformation of the organisation and its strategy in which the customer or citizen is central and digital thinking is commonplace within the organisation, with Big Data as the beating heart.

This also has an impact on an organisation’s marketing activities. Because of the data-driven way of organising and working, an organisation is able to automate marketing activities. By continuously collecting the right data and using it intelligently, the mapping of consumer needs can be automated on an individual level and in relation to groups.

In line with this, Big Data naturally influences the meaning and role of the brand in the relationship between organisations and customers or citizens. A number of things play an important role in this, such as the human aspect and trust. It is also clear that the focus in brand communication shifts from promise to evidence. All stakeholders of the data-driven organization should be aware of this.

Of course, this in turn has an impact on the communication function itself. The knowledge about what customers and citizens really want and do, tools to influence behaviour, automation of processes and other intelligent techniques also influence the functioning of the communication professional.

Book ‘The New Communication Professional’

The book shows that the communication profession will have to make a big change. The communication function of the future is no longer an advisory function, but a primary process that starts in the boardrooms of successful organisations. Full of insights and tools for managers and communication professionals, but also for professionals in related fields such as marketing

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