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Impact of Digital

Igo Geurtjens leads DIVA World Wide

By Jeroen Mirck , redacteur MarketingTribune The international activities of Diva World Wide will be led by Igo Geurtjens as of September. He used to be the office director of @msterdam and Virtube, among others. As a member of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS), Geurtjens judges annually for the Webby and […]

Public Communication 2025. So?

The many technological developments together with the transparency of Internet & social media mean that society is changing rapidly. This has a major impact on the government organisation, certainly in contact with the citizen. It requires a transformation of the organisation and its strategy in which the citizen is central and digital thinking within the organisation […]

Impact of Big Data: the brand is key

The article ‘Impact of Big Data: the brand is key’ is included in the book ‘The New Communication Professional’ written by Vera de Witte. Summary article Big data has a major impact on the organization. It requires a transformation of the organisation and its strategy in which the customer or citizen is central and digital thinking […]

It’s a fact.

Earlier this year, in June, the phenomenon Muhammad Ali alias Cassius Clay died. World famous as a boxer and known for his many unforgettable statements. Like “It isn’t bragging, if you can back it up”. In reality, this statement was first used in 1934 by the famous American baseball player Dizzy Dean. Fact checked. Maybe […]


A quick look at rental Article about startup (one-stop-shop where you can rent everything for remodeling, parties, fun and events). The revenue model of is relatively simple and based on volume. The owner of the rental items makes a one-time payment and pays a percentage of each order. Extra costs are not charged to the consumer, […]

Review of KPN’s activation campaign for iTV

Asked to review KPN’s activation campaign for iTV on Facebook in Emerce magazine, edition June 2012. The aim of the campaign is to draw consumers’ attention to the advantages of KPN’s All-in-One Package (television, internet and telephony): not on price but on functionality. Hans van de Togt was hired to get the Netherlands zapping in a […]

Strengthen your brand through strategic use of hashtags

When on 12 April 2011 the article “Strategic use of hashtags on Twitter“ is published on Emerce, there appears to be a lot of interest in the strategy of #brand on Twitter (some time later, other social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ also use hashtags). The article discusses the possibilities of Twitter […]

Interview in Logeion’s magazine C

Short interview (print and online) in magazine C of Logeion (professional association for communication) in which was asked to respond to the statement “Smokers a smoking break? Tweeters a social media break!”. When an organisation decides to introduce a ‘social media break’, it will only be of a temporary nature, appropriate for a transitional situation. Social […]

Public broadcaster NOS in the future

Last Friday 22 May ’09 I took part in ‘t Media Park in a ‘brainstorm’ about the future of the NOS with deputy editor-in-chief Tim Overdiek (@overdiek) of the NOS, innovation advisor Remco Bakker (@remco_bakker) of Syntens and Benny Naber (@bennynaber) owner of the agency Fier. Given the subject, such a brainstorm is of course […]

Netsurfen – Interview in Financieel Dagblad

‘Netsurfen’ is a weekly column in the Financieel Dagblad (FD – Dutch Financial Times) and on the FD website about new media in which some Internet professionals are asked about their favourite websites and the story behind them regarding their background, activities. I am one of them. Interview by Annemieke Diekman. Some quotes: “Freedom, comfort, […]